Monday, October 8, 2007

the "time" in the name of the magazine is apparently 1960

So, being a dad who actually parents is girly.
Reading this article is like sitting next to some drunk meatball at the bar who's accosting you with "I wish I had duh guts to wear a shirt like dat. A lotta guys would be worried dat people thought they was fags. But it's great dat you feel comfortable like dat":

But what does it mean, exactly, to be a man these days? Once upon a Darwinian time, a man was the one spearing the woolly mammoth. And it wasn't so long ago that a man was that strong and silent fellow over there at the bar with the dry martini or a cold can of beer--a hardworking guy in a gray flannel suit or blue-collar work shirt. He sired children, yes, but he drew the line at diapering them. He didn't know what to expect when his wife was expecting, he didn't review bottle warmers on his daddy blog, and he most certainly didn't participate in little-girl tea parties. Today's dads plead guilty to all of the above--so what does that make them?

Um, I don't know-- not jerks?
I would argue that someone who can drink a cold beer while changing a diaper is twice the man, but I don't want to brag.

So thanks, Time Magazine, for congratulating me on being so willingly feminine as to hug my daughter and change her diapers. And I'd switch to water right about now if you're thinking about driving home.

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