Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a 'bend over" in the yard is sufficient to scare me off

I apologize most insincerely for the lack of fresh posts around here. I've been working on formulating what I'm calling the law of cave canem. I was wondering how much time elapsed between the introduction of the first "Beware of Dog" sign and the first person without a dog to put one up, and I was thinking that, now, that elapsed time would be damn close to zero. So we could talk about the "cave canem" period when discussing the potential for hackery, either helpful or harmful, on any new idea.
It's not really a law, I guess, more of a guiding principle sort of thing, or just a tendency. A corollary to Manifest Destiny? Anyway, it seems there's something uniquely American about it.

Also, it must really piss off burglars.

So you see why I wouldn't bother posting.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

how I imagine it went down

The setting: a meeting between Sarah Palin and a couple McCain stooges, to discuss running as McCain's VP.

SP: Gee guys, I don't know. I'm awfully busy-- I've got these kids, one with special needs, and I understand you heard about my slutty daughter? I'm just not sure if there's room in my life for Vice Presidential duties. And what if something happened to John? Then I'd be President! Right?

McCain Stooge One: (turns to McCain Stooge Two)She, um, seems to think...

MS2: Right. You want me to tell her, or should I?

MS1: I bought lunch. You tell her.

MS2: (to SP) You know we're not gonna win, right?