Monday, April 30, 2007

not even a dad yet, already out of it.

You know who I was very surprised to discover that I rather enjoy, musically? You know what the F***'s up with that sentence?
Answer to second question: it came out of my ass.
Answer to first question: The Strokes.

Yeah, I know. The Strokes? Who? Weren't they, like, four years ago?
Yes, they were (or something). At the time I wrote them off. One day a song was on a radio somewhere, and I got mildly excited, believing that I was about to unexpectedly rock out to Tom Petty's American Girl. But then some boob started croaking in a filtered faux-Iggy Pop voice, and I was all "Phaw, what's this bullshit?" (that's right, "phaw"), the DJ said "that was The Strokes" and I was all like "Well F the Strokes" and never really gave them another thought.

Then, a few months ago, the wife and I are having a cleaning day, and the wife has loaded the CD player, and I notice that I'm rather enjoying, musically, whatever's playing.
"What's this?"
You know who.
So, yeah, now I play The Strokes quite a bit and I guess I feel bad for taking such a non-shine to them right off the bat.

Ask me in a year about The Arcade Fire. Or, in two or three years, The Decemberists. I'll be all like "Oh yeah! I just heard them!".

ps- this is the one I likey most, which I gather was their "sophomore slump".

expressway to yr skull

Highway overpass collapses because of melting steel:

Heat exceeded 2,750 degrees and caused the steel beams holding up the interchange from eastbound I-80 to eastbound Interstate 580 above to buckle and bolts holding the structure together to melt, leading to the collapse, California Department of Transportation director Will Kempton said.

I gotta wonder what the great minds in the "9/11 Truth" community are doing with this information.
Obviously the guvmint blew up the overpass to lend credence to the Official Story.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

scene from Grizzly Dad, the sitcom

Interior, apartment. G.D. and Wife (39 weeks pregnant) are getting ready to go to Old Navy. Both are dressed like slobs.

Wife: Do you care that I'm fat and ugly?

G.D.: Do you care that I am?

Wife: You're not fat.

Friday, April 27, 2007

other people say stuff better

Wow, there's some good wordcraftin' out there today. No, not here- out there.

I have only heard a few bites from the Dem debate last night, but I was scanning the Crooks and Liars debate Open Thread and someone had this to say about this mysterious Gravel fellow, who appears to at least have enjoyed hisself, and maybe slapped the other kids around a bit:

"Gravel just pitched out a dense truth mind vitamin".

Unfortunately, he/she failed to indicate the specific content of said "mind vitamin". Still, nice turn of phrase.

Then there was this from Alicu:

"Man, if I had a dime for every ill-mannered little shit who believed that the cold stares provoked by his bigoted drivel were proof of his incorruptibility and his hearers' intolerance... well, I might have enough money to be one of those little shits myself."

Ha! Place that in the "wish I'd said that" file.

ultimately wrapped

I'm fully aware that my days as a cool guy, such as they were, had their last coffin-nail hammered in when we saw that little line on the pregnancy stick, but I tell you they never stop reminding you.
By "they" I mean "the people who make stuff for new parents", like the makers of The Ultimate Baby Wrap. For those of you mercifully unaware of such things, the Ultimate Baby Wrap is about 30 feet of cloth with a couple rings on it, which you wrap around yourself to form a pouch- into which you stick an infant. Fine product, from what I can tell, but one which lends its wearer the appearance of some kind of goddam kung fu yoga instructor guatemalan textile wearin' samurai ponytail havin' SNAG who wandered away from his drum circle.
I can now only console myself with the thought that I do not own a pair of khakis or anything that can be called a "polo shirt".

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nah Chyet!

That's what I say all day. People look at me, with a "well?" in their eyes, like "are you a dad yet?", and I say "Nah Chyet!".
It's my Jedi name, I think.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

how've you been?

So, I'm over here instead of over here now.
Grizzly Dad will be where I chronicle this new adventure of being a daddy-type person, but I won't limit myself to that. You will also find the usual wisecrackery that readers of The Monk Bought Lunch were used to (if not thrilled with), related to current events and whatnot.
So Hi. Thanks for coming over.

hey asswipe!

Hey, asswipes!