Friday, April 27, 2007

other people say stuff better

Wow, there's some good wordcraftin' out there today. No, not here- out there.

I have only heard a few bites from the Dem debate last night, but I was scanning the Crooks and Liars debate Open Thread and someone had this to say about this mysterious Gravel fellow, who appears to at least have enjoyed hisself, and maybe slapped the other kids around a bit:

"Gravel just pitched out a dense truth mind vitamin".

Unfortunately, he/she failed to indicate the specific content of said "mind vitamin". Still, nice turn of phrase.

Then there was this from Alicu:

"Man, if I had a dime for every ill-mannered little shit who believed that the cold stares provoked by his bigoted drivel were proof of his incorruptibility and his hearers' intolerance... well, I might have enough money to be one of those little shits myself."

Ha! Place that in the "wish I'd said that" file.

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