Monday, April 30, 2007

not even a dad yet, already out of it.

You know who I was very surprised to discover that I rather enjoy, musically? You know what the F***'s up with that sentence?
Answer to second question: it came out of my ass.
Answer to first question: The Strokes.

Yeah, I know. The Strokes? Who? Weren't they, like, four years ago?
Yes, they were (or something). At the time I wrote them off. One day a song was on a radio somewhere, and I got mildly excited, believing that I was about to unexpectedly rock out to Tom Petty's American Girl. But then some boob started croaking in a filtered faux-Iggy Pop voice, and I was all "Phaw, what's this bullshit?" (that's right, "phaw"), the DJ said "that was The Strokes" and I was all like "Well F the Strokes" and never really gave them another thought.

Then, a few months ago, the wife and I are having a cleaning day, and the wife has loaded the CD player, and I notice that I'm rather enjoying, musically, whatever's playing.
"What's this?"
You know who.
So, yeah, now I play The Strokes quite a bit and I guess I feel bad for taking such a non-shine to them right off the bat.

Ask me in a year about The Arcade Fire. Or, in two or three years, The Decemberists. I'll be all like "Oh yeah! I just heard them!".

ps- this is the one I likey most, which I gather was their "sophomore slump".

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