Friday, October 5, 2007

intensity in twin cities

Titivil pointed me to the new Republican Convention Logo , which made me nearly laugh out loud from my urethra, and inspired a few thoughts:

2008: The Year That Got Humped by an Elephant!
or, that 8 should go on the other end (is he humping the year or humping using the year?).
or, every time you look at this you should sing "Jukebox Hero" ("stars in his eyes")
To be perfectly honest, if I had a tail, I'd tickle my own ass while humping a year too.


Sister Beth said...

The logo that was a close second place was the elephant rubbing his foot against a bathroom stall.

The convention is in Minnesota, after all...

The Non Stop Shoebox said...

I think we should call him "Humpy".
They could call the campaign "Humpy sez", with different slogans:
"Humpy sez Democrats are all Darwinist abortion lovers!"
"Humpy sez soldiers like getting killed in Iraqistan!"
That sort of thing.