Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the moon is made of soylent green

There is a commercial that's been running rather frequently, you've probably seen it, in which a gentleman is holding a large cheese wheel and saying something very like:

"Everyone knows that milk comes from cows. But cheese comes from people".

Eeeeeeew! This is not the cheese we want to purchase and eat, mister.

I find myself saying this about things all the time*, but in my experience working for corporations, nothing's done until there is meeting after meeting to discuss it. Was there really not one person who spoke up and said "do we really want to say that we're selling people-cheese"?

*Some other examples: a kid's play set that was like Colorforms but with felt pieces, called Felt Kids; Christopher Reeve's memoir, entitled Still Me; Aquapets.


czeltic girl said...


I haven't seen this particular commercial yet (maybe it's for non-Wisconsin cheese, so they're not even bothering trying to show it here, lest we declare a cheese war). Just please tell me that the "cheese comes from people" part is said in almost exactly the same way "Soylent Green is people!" was said in the film.

brent said...

I think it's said more like, "They did it!" in the end of "Planet Of The Apes". I might be paraphrasing.

Grizzly Dad said...

let my people go?