Wednesday, June 20, 2007

stop thinking about tomorrow

Hillary, you just lost my vote.

I realize that this is not the sort of thing that should determine who I vote for. Except, aren't they hoping that it is? At least on some subconcious propagandistic level?
And speaking of propoganda, is this actually an ingenious wink to the propogandists that like to obsess over Clinton's shrill, piercing speaking voice?
No, I know. It's not.

Just while I'm thinking about it. Celine Dion: why is there one? I have a, I want to call it autonomic response to her voice, even though I think that's probably a misuse of the word. Sometimes I'll hear music and I'll say "Is that Celine Dion? Because I just got that pain in my neck and shoulders like I'm hearing Celine Dion" .It is always Celine Dion. My one month old daughter in a full on infant rage has a prettier voice.

Remember that "101 Uses for a Dead Cat" novelty book?
Isn't Celine Dion Quebecois slang for "dead cat"?

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Holly said...

So, do you think Hilary picked that shite or was it her staff? I have the same response whenever I hear her voice....shiver me timbers...and I don't mean shivers in a good way. Her voice is like being sound asleep at 2:OOam and then two cats start that bizarre fight meow...starts out slow and low and then reaches some sickening crescendo which makes you go outside stark naked and start throwing stones at them with no thought of the embarrassment that your being nude may cause.