Monday, June 4, 2007

parenting is a snap! har har

You ever put together some piece of Ikea furniture and there's one screw left over, and it makes you crazy wondering what you missed?
That happened to me this morning, but the furniture was an infant garment and the screw was a snap.
The wife says "can you figure out how this goes on?". "This" is one of these crazy Michael Jackson-y garments, like a flight suit for babies, you're not even sure where the head goes.
However, I tried to tackle it logically. First, I found the three crotch-snaps. These are a near-universal feature of infant garments (allowing for quick diaper-access), and they always have the same configuration. It's like finding the big dipper in the night sky. So I started from there, matching snaps as I went, and I was so proud of myself 'cause I thought this would be one of those situations where Dad steps in and saves the day.
But in actually, Dad stepped in and ended up sheepishly handing the kid over to the wife and muttering "there's one snap left over", then going to work.

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