Thursday, June 19, 2008

toe canada

Sure, everyone's been having a good laugh about all the feet washing up in Canada, because here you've got two things which are always funny: feet and Canada. But let's not forget, these feet, all six of them, belonged to at least five different people (unless one or more of them had two right feet), people who are almost certainly dead, and people with loved ones and family who want to know what happened to them. Just because this story involves feet, and Canada, is that any reason to make light?

Aw, screw it:

"At first, the talk about it was really humorous, but as more feet turned up, the talk became sinister," she added. "These are pristine islands, not the place where you would expect to find a bunch of severed feet."

That's setting the bar for "pristine" a little low, innit?

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The Non Stop Shoebox said...

I'm sure some academic must have written about "the severed foot as comedy staple" somewhere.
It's a foot, it's on its own: it's fundamentally funny.
Five turn up on the coast of Canada, it's unintentionally hilarious.
Next year, someone will have an off-off Broadway musical about it.
Maybe some corrupt hospital somewhere avoided their amputee crematorium costs by sub-contracting the foot account to some unscrupulous "we dump at sea" dealer. "We thought they would sink".
Can't wait for the ornamental feet to appear in the coastal craft stores, alongside the knots and orca carvings.