Friday, March 7, 2008

from the desk of Grizzly Dad

Memo to people who issue "severe weather" alerts:
We live in western New York State. An inch or two of snow from 4pm today to 8am Sunday is not a "winter storm". An inch or two of snow over 36 hours is called "snowing, some".
Take that "Winter Storm Warning" down, unbunch your panties, and issue a "It is snowing, some".


Sister Beth said...

1-2 inches over 36 hours? That's what Baltimorons here call a SNOW DAY!

You may laugh, but we get a hell of a lot of snow days!

czeltic girl said...

The local news here would work themselves into a tizzy over 1-2 inches of snow back in early December. Since then, we've gotten pounded so much this winter that 1-2 inches has become "a little snow."

Much better. Act like you've been in a Wisconsin winter before. Sheeesh.