Friday, March 7, 2008

Cleveland rocks. As long as you stay away from that glass pyramid.

I see where they've got the 2008 list of inductees into the "rock" and "roll" hall of fame, there. Madonna and John Mellencamp, eh? Hm. Two cougars in one year!
I know rock and roll is not a clear cut genre, but I for one don't think I'd classify anything Madonna's ever done as rock and roll. I mean, you wouldn't induct, say, Jackson Brown into a rock and roll hall of fame, would you? Maybe if there was a Adult Contemporary hall of fame or something, but certainly not rock and roll. Certainly you would never-
What's that? They WHAT? No.

Well, see you next year when they induct Mariah Carey and Tom Cochran.

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mike said...

Yeah, they obviously should have inducted Tom Cochran long ago! At least they finally inducted the Ventures.