Thursday, February 28, 2008

who gets Family Circus? Not me!

When I came into work this morning, yesterday's paper was sitting on a desk, open to the funny pages. I spent a good five minutes looking at this, trying to discern its meaning. I know Family Circus is never funny, but there's a difference between a joke that's not funny and a joke that you can't find.
So I decided to employ the series of tubes and found that yesterday's strip is part of a series. The idea of the series appears to be "let's draw a snowman". Yesterday's is the only snowman, of the three or four that I looked at, that is based on a real person. It is also missing its arms. So maybe the joke is "If Larry King were a snowman I bet his arms would melt off". 'Cause he rolls his sleeves up, right?
Actually, I say that yesterday's was the only one based on a real person, but I could be wrong. Today's strip is either Mussolini or Hitler. At the airport.
This is giving me a headache.
To the Keanes I say, "Bring back Ghost Grandpa! THAT is funny!".


Anonymous said...

Suspenders=Larry King

Grizzly Dad said...

so, the snowman is wearing Larry King?

titivil said...

I'd say, "After devouring Larry King and stealing his suspenders, the murderous snowman experiences a brief moment of sadness as he leaves the studio."