Monday, July 2, 2007

Q: "what are you doing?" A: "I'm killing a vampire!"

Some thoughts on this story:

I used to have a running gag with an old roommate of mine, which was this: when someone on the phone asked one of us what we were doing, we would answer: "oh, just fuckin' the dog".
We had no dog. I'm not sure if that's why it was funny to us. "Fuckin' the dog" was the catch-all phrase meaning "I'm not really doing anything worth mentioning". I would like to reinstate this practice using the phrase "killing a vampire".

Also: I believe the culprit may have answered "killing a vampire" because he didn't want to say "I'm beating the peacock!".

Also: I once had a friend who went a little nutso. I recall a party at which he, in all earnestness, proclaimed that Grimace was a vampire. I wonder if he was the one who attacked the peacock.

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