Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why a Duck?

My daughter's first word (After "Mama", of course, but it could have been before "Dada") was "duck". At least we think that's what it was. With the mouths on her parents, it could've been something else. Let's go with "duck".
So I feel duty bound to link to this.

And if you enjoy that sort of thing, you'll like the Fortean Times simulacra photos (try Bugmenot password possibleyeti), home of the Cappuccino Antelope.


Proud Auntie said...

Ella's first sentence was "No night-night, party!"...I'm just sayin', these first utterances are sometimes prophetic.

Perhaps we'll bring the Oonster to the duck decoy museum in Harve de Grace, outside of B'more, if her parents ever bring her down here for a visit.

i, squub said...

"Duck", and the sound a duck makes, "Quack," and the sound a chicken makes, "cluck", were one/two/three of the first words my now nearly 18 month old daughter said, all pronounced the same way. Trouble is, it actually took us a day to figure out that her first non "mama" "dadda" type sound/word wasn't that horribly foul word that we just couldn't imagine where she could've have learned.

At least now "duck" sounds more like "cuck" than that first, short-o-vowelled word.

(un)fortunately, I was recording her on my sampler that first day she said that, so it's fairly permanently available for replay.